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6 types of CCTV camera that suits your requirement

One’s security is of utmost importance and can’t be negotiated at any cost in this modern age. 

This is because there is an increase in the number of crimes and anti-social activities. There are various types of CCTV cameras on the market, so you have a different solution for every industry. As the wide range of CCTV is available, it might be difficult to choose which CCTV camera is the right for your business. There are many best providers for CCTV cameras service in Canning Vale who will suggest you the best camera type that best suits your requirement. By knowing the following types of CCTV cameras, you can easily choose the best camera that suits your requirement. 

Dome camera

It gets its name from the dome-shaped casing that the camera sits in. It is the more basic type of security camera that is meant for indoor installation. Dome cameras are used for projects with the day-only camera. In appearance, the dome camera is a relatively discreet CCTV camera, which doesn’t stop them from deterring criminals. This camera makes it really difficult for people to see which direction the camera is pointing. 

Some benefits of the dome camera are its suitability for indoor and outdoor use, the camera’s 360-degree rotation to cover all angles, and the discreet design means it’s easy to fit. It best suits shops, casinos, restaurants and hotels. The design of the dome camera allows you to monitor a wider angle at your premises. 

C-mount camera

When compared to other CCTV cameras, the C-mount camera is slightly advanced, and it comes with a detachable lens. This lens allows users to change it to fit their needs. For example, if the normal one covers a distance between 35 and 40 feet, the C-mount camera can cover a distance beyond 40 feet. It is the most suited option for those who wish to adapt to the field of vision, and it can act as a visible deterrent to criminal activity. 

Some benefits of the C-mount camera is it has special lenses which can be fitted to the camera to extend its range beyond 40 feet, weatherproof housing makes it ideal for outdoor use, and it is the highly visible appearance that deters criminals. This camera is best suited for observing the stretch of road on the approach to your premises. In the utilities and logistics industries, these cameras are more popular. 

Bullet type cameras

Bullet type camera is designed for capturing the visuals of a specific area. As home security cameras, bullet type cameras work better. The design of bullet type cameras is a thing and cylindrical, and this design is further classified into the ultra bullet. Its smaller size and lower price generally distinguish it. These camera castings are made resistant to water, dust and dirt and they are most commonly placed outdoors.

Some benefits of bullet type cameras are, it is resistant to dirt in challenging environments, highly visible and provides surveillance over a long distance. Bullet type cameras record good quality pictures, which helps you in many ways. 

Day/Night CCTV camera

These cameras have the benefit of operating in any kind of environment, from normal to poorly lit. Day/Night CCTV camera doesn’t require infrared illuminators since it can capture clear video in both light and dark conditions. Day/Night CCTV cameras have a wide dynamic range to function in different conditions such as reflections, direct sunlight, glare and more.

Some benefits of this CCTV camera are that it has clear recording in low light, despite glare, reflection, and poor lighting, it can function effectively and more. The extra sensitive imaging makes it a unique option, and it is best for business premises requiring round-the-clock CCTV monitoring in an outdoor environment with varying light conditions. You can get the best CCTV cameras service in Canning vale since there are many professional companies who offer you the best security service.  

Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Cameras

The camera is designed to operate optimally in pitch black conditions. Using Infrared LEDs, these CCTV cameras have the ability to see through pitch-black conditions. Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera is an ideal option to use outside and at night where lighting is nearly zero. 

Some benefits of Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Cameras is it can capture images even in the presence of fog, dust or smoke, and it can record colour imagery in the daytime and black and white at night. This type of CCTV camera is best for night vision functionality and an ideal option for those who need ultra-reliable recording in complete darkness.

Wireless cameras

Not all wireless CCTV cameras are IP-based, and they may or may not be connected to the internet. It minimises installation time, and they also make the appearance of the camera much tidier. It might be an important factor for locations like museums, churches and more.

Some benefits of this type of CCTV camera are compared to other average CCTV systems, and wireless cameras are easier to install, secure storage and easy access to archive footage. In many industries, spotless presentations are essential where these cameras are a great security option. The discreet appearance of wireless cameras helps people to blend into the interior. 

Summing it up

As you have seen above, these are some types of CCTV cameras, and other than this, there are still more types available in the industries. There are many best providers for CCTV cameras security service in Canning Vale who will completely help you obtain the best security level. Based on your requirement, you can select the best CCTV camera.  

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