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Different Types Of CCTV You Can Install on Your Property In Piara Waters

Security should always be taken seriously and as a homeowner, it is your job to ensure your property is secured. It is a common theme for most homeowners to ensure said security by installing CCTV cameras in their buildings, something that has proven to be effective over the years. 

What is CCTV?  

CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras are a form of video feed within a closed system that is made available only to users with access to it. This makes them a secure means of surveillance, even able to monitor several areas at once and even do so remotely.

With so much potential, it is no surprise that CCTV cameras in Piara Waters are a popular choice for property surveillance. With how popular this technology is, however, many homeowners often make one mistake concerning CCTV cameras; they think all CCTV cameras are the same. This can not be farther from the truth.

Types of CCTV Cameras

In truth, CCTV cameras come in different types, shapes and resolutions. If you want to buy and install a CCTV camera in Piara Waters, you might want to first find out the different kinds of CCTV cameras and then decide which fits you best. To make it easier for you to decide on which camera best suits your needs, we have compiled a list of the major CCTV cameras for you to choose from. 

Before we get to that, however, you should take note of 3 major factors to look out for when deciding what CCTV camera to choose. They are:

  • Image clarity 

If you need top image quality, then high-resolution CCTV would be an option, otherwise, it is advisable to go for a cheaper option that would also display an image clearly though it won’t be of great quality.

  • Field Of Vision

The Area which you want to monitor, if it is either wide or narrow will greatly influence the kind of CCTV camera you should get to so that the effectiveness of the CCTV camera won’t be affected.

  • Usage

How the CCTV camera would be used will also affect your decision in the kind which you would purchase. Would it be used indoors or outdoors? Should it be a hidden camera or one that will be out in the open? All these questions will be important in making your decision.

Now with that out of the way, let’s look at 5 different types of CCTV cameras.

  1. Dome CCTV

This form of Cctv gets its name from its appearance which is Dome-shaped. It is a camera that covers a wider angle, though it is mostly used indoors as it would just have to be placed in a strategic position and it would cover a whole lot of space. Moreso, the CCTV is built in such a way that it is easily not noticeable and even when it is noticed by an observer, the observer won’t be sure which side it is facing thereby acting as a huge deterrent to thieves. It can also be used outdoors as it is popularly used in shops, restaurants, casinos and hotels

  1. Bullets CCTV

This type of camera is thin and cylindrical, they are fixed in a particular location as only do transmit the images of a specific area. Their coverage is not wide unlike Dome CCTV but more direct. They can be installed easily and can excellently function as an outdoor security camera of a property due to their casings which are made resistant to water, dust and dirt.

Despite that, it is not exclusively an outdoor CCTV as it can be used indoors too. But then, it is easily noticeable, while this can act as a deterrent to intruders, it also makes it prone to vandalism.

Bullet CCTV is most popular for outdoor security cameras.

  1. Day/Night Camera

The Day/Night CCTV is built in a way that enables it to work effectively regardless of different lighting in the surroundings. It would work well from a normal environment to a poorly lit environment. Even when it gets dark, it would still be able to perform well and record videos clearly without the use of infrared illuminators.

Since they come with an extra sensitive imaging chip, and during the day, direct sunlight, glare or reflection won’t affect its performance.

It is mostly used outdoors as it has a wide dynamic range and is used for 24/7 surveillance. Its casing also protects it against weather elements outside, therefore for the installation of CCTV in your Piara Waters Property, Day/Night CCTV would be perfect as it would be able to adequately deal with the weather conditions of the city without compromising its purpose.

  1. C-Mount CCTV

This type of CCTV is a little specialized and its major ability is that it can record more than 40 feet with its detachable lens. A standard CCTV Camera can only record between 35 to 40 feet but a C-Mount CCTV trumps that. With its detachable lens, it can be used to zoom in and out and also monitor varying distances without losing focus. It is very visible which will deter intruders and due to it being installed outdoors, its casing is built to protect the camera from adverse weather conditions.

If you have a big estate, this is the camera for you as you would be able to easily zoom in on whosoever enters your property long before they get to you. It is mostly used by utilities and logistics companies.

  1. Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) CCTV

PTZ, short for pan, tilt, zoom, is a type of CCTV camera used for monitoring large areas. It can move around to any angle, just one PTZ camera is enough to cover a whole room. The camera can be preset to follow an accurate view of things in whatever location or angle you want and it can also zoom in or out. It works best if there is a security guard by it who would be monitoring the live video feed which would enable your security to react to any issue that might take place and its image quality is very high. It is mostly used in places where live monitoring is required such as retail malls.

It is used in areas where instant responsiveness is required.

These are all different types of CCTVs that could cater for your different needs and the installation of CCTV cameras in Piara Waters commercial, industrial, and residential property will further boost the safety of every individual.

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