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5 Things Likely to go Wrong with Your CCTV Cameras

The world today, as we know, different crimes are now ravaging it. Year in and year out, new crimes keep being committed in other nations. Crimes you’ve probably never even heard of. Do you know what’s worse? These criminals keep getting smarter at their crimes. All they need is a slight mistake, such as a falter in your security system or a flick in your camera quality and all of a sudden, you’re in a loop. 

With so many atrocities you’re vulnerable to, you’d need ‘good’ eyes and ears all around. Thankfully, many Australians far and wide have adopted the conventional methods for improving security in a residential area which is implementing a CCTV system. However, adopting this technology alone is not enough to offer you near 100% security. You’d need to be watchful of any faults that could happen to your security system. This way, you don’t risk having your property stolen by intelligent thieves. 

Now that you’re here, stick with us as we let you in on five things that are likely to go wrong with your CCTV cameras Penrith. The first being:

  1. The colours are off.

A problem with the white balance settings on your CCTV camera is a major culprit in this case. Just like our eyes, cameras perceive most things they see as white. While we have our brains to interpret what we see as a certain colour, cameras do the same thing with their white balance settings. 

If yours happen to be at fault, here are a few DIY fixes to make things right:

  • Check the settings to make sure your camera is configured for the environment it’s in. which could be either indoor or outdoor.
  • If your camera has the AWB feature and it’s installed outdoors, say at your door post or on a pole, point the lens down to make sure it doesn’t face the sky or any ambient source of light in any way.
  • If the Auto White Balance (AWB) feature doesn’t work for your camera, adjust the white balance manually and disable the automatic feature until all colours are correct. 
  • If your type of camera offers any additional colour settings that allow you to influence your image parameters, you could adjust them till you get the best results.
  1. Flickering CCTV video feed

In most cases, CCTV video flickering is caused by interference. And sometimes, this can be traced to improper installation, faulty power supply or a bad connection. Insufficient power supply could also be the culprit. 

This can sometimes be a pain in the neck because troubleshooting CCTV camera Penrith problems takes patience and focus. However, you should take care to keep your eyes on your camera. The flickering might happen again. 

Not to worry though, there are things you can do to fix issues like this:

  • Check first: in some cases, the monitor may be the problem. If you notice a particular flicker on the screen of any monitor, then that’s the problem. However, if the flickering is everywhere, then the camera should be checked. 
  • Check again: if the monitor is not the issue here, then there’s a high chance that the problem is from the cabling and connectors. Always make sure your cables are correctly rooted and grounded to clear your doubts. 
  • Reposition your camera lens away from the electrical light sources. Sudden, intermittent increase and decrease in lighting (say, from a car passing by or street light going on and off) may cause the camera to flicker for a few seconds. 
  • Check the power requirements of any attachments or recording equipment. If disconnecting them causes the flickering to stop, then you should consider switching to a more power-friendly one. Also, equipment damage can cause camera lens flickering if care isn’t taken.
  1. Noisy camera footage

Noisy video footage usually is caused by RF interference. Thankfully, this shouldn’t cause a major alarm because you can solve the problem by following the same steps as (2) above. 

  1. There’s no video

What’s the point of having a security camera with no video feed? None! We can bet you there’s no camera problem more frustrating. If you happen to face this issue with your cameras, here are a few things you could do to reinstate your CCTV camera system:

  • Make sure your camera system is adequately powered. This may sound cliche, but no hammering how important proper power supply is to your camera footage. 
  • Ensure your camera’s data and video connections are correct. This goes for both wired and wireless camera systems.
  • Check your CCTV software to make sure this is no software problem. If you have issues with touching your software, employ a professional to have things checked out.
  • If your camera passes all the above troubleshooting issues, then you need to check for damages. If there are any damages to your camera’s security systems, you may need to consider replacing the parts.
  1. Your camera doesn’t work at nightfall.

If your lens is rated for night use but doesn’t work well at night, the IR LEDs are at fault. Most times, it could be because of a camera misconfiguration, insufficient power or damaged LEDs. To correct this, make sure your camera lens isn’t suffering from the above-mentioned problems. Any further complications would require help from the pros.

Before wrapping things up, you should know that a DIY fix isn’t always the best option. You know what they say; if the symptoms persist, you should consult the doctor. In this case, you consult the CCTV camera Penrith professional to help make your camera problems a thing of the past. 

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