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Author: efelect

6 types of CCTV camera that suits your requirement

One’s security is of utmost importance and can’t be negotiated at any cost in this modern age.  This is because there is an increase in the number of crimes and anti-social activities. There are various types of CCTV cameras on the market, so you have a different solution for every industry. As the wide range […]

5 Things Likely to go Wrong with Your CCTV Cameras

The world today, as we know, different crimes are now ravaging it. Year in and year out, new crimes keep being committed in other nations. Crimes you’ve probably never even heard of. Do you know what’s worse? These criminals keep getting smarter at their crimes. All they need is a slight mistake, such as a […]

Why you need to install CCTV cameras for your home:

Nowadays, the importance of adequate security measures for business and home spaces cannot be stressed enough. Many public areas, shops, and educational institutions are now under surveillance systems. This is used for recording to monitor the crime. CCTV cameras also are produced as evidence in the court. However, it is great to have cameras around […]

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